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Not Just Canvas - Our beliefs

A company’s culture is the set of shared meanings, beliefs, values, practices, behaviors, goals, and other fundamental elements that explain who the company is at its core. Not Just Canvas is an innovative consultancy company not only on what we do – our services – but also as our own internal practice.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation & Creativity

Not Just Canvas believes that innovation is the force that drives societies to a better future. And creativity is the energy that powers this force.

Innovation is the process of creating new ideas and applying them to solve problems. Innovation is intrinsically connected to value creation and it is essential for economic growth, social progress, and environmental sustainability.

Creativity is the ability to generate new and original ideas. It is the spark that ignites innovation. Creative people are able to see the world in new ways and come up with solutions that others may not have thought of.

We believe that innovation and creativity are essential for building a better future. We are committed to being a leader in innovation and to using our creativity to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Positive Impact
Positive Legacy

Positive Impact
Positive Legacy

Solving problems is what we do, but that’s not enough for us. We want to leave a legacy: a little of our DNA to generate future transformation

Solving business problems is only the beginning. Not Just Canvas is dedicated to leaving a legacy of knowledge and transformation. Beyond quick fixes, we deliver enduring solutions that shape your future.

Through focused knowledge transfer, we empower your team for sustained success. We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle future challenges with confidence. With Not Just Canvas, you’re not just getting a consultancy; you’re gaining a partner in building a legacy of empowered, forward-thinking organizations

positive legacy



Forward-thinking means envisioning and planning for the future with innovation and adaptability in mind.

This approach helps us build a comprehensive understanding of trends, scenarios, and technology. It empowers us to prepare companies to anticipate and navigate these changes in an uncertain world. By embracing this mindset, we not only stay ahead of the curve but also position businesses to thrive in dynamic environments.

It’s about being proactive rather than reactive, and ensuring that our clients are well-equipped to face whatever the future may bring. With forward-thinking, Not Just Canvas turns uncertainty into opportunity and transformation into success.



Life is an individual voyage, but not a lonely journey. We believe in the power of collaboration, working together, and co-creation to achieve more than the sum of individual parts. This belief fuels our dedication to teamwork, partnerships, and collective problem-solving. By harnessing the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of our team and clients, Not Just Canvas creates solutions that resonate on a broader scale, driving greater impact and success for all involved.

Keep Learning

A growth mindset is always looking for opportunities to learn. The permanent desire to learn is a seed that germinates knowledge and increasingly better and more imaginative solutions and allows us to always be at the forefront of innovation.

Embracing a growth mindset, we actively seek opportunities for learning. This persistent thirst for knowledge is the seed from which innovation and imaginative solutions flourish. This commitment to ongoing learning propels us to remain at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that we consistently deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Positive Impact
Positive Legacy

We see people

Empathy First: Before diving into solutions for companies, it’s imperative to understand the needs of individuals. There’s always a human face behind every challenge. At Not Just Canvas , we value and acknowledge people, recognizing their unique perspectives and experiences. This empathetic approach is rooted in the belief that ‘Before solving companies’ problems, it is necessary to understand people’s needs’. There is always someone on the other side. “We see people“, forms the foundation of our problem-solving process, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also meaningful to those they impact.

We believe that by truly seeing and understanding people, we can create solutions that make a real difference.