The Businesspeople Archetypes 1.0 (2019)

The Businesspeople Archetypes

In combination with The WAI Frame, I use The 16 Personalities (Myers–Briggs) online test and The Businesspeople Archetypes.

Tool designer: Sergio Seloti.Jr
First publication year: 2019 
Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

The Businesspeople Archetypes is a visual representation of a self and unstructured evaluation regarding 8 businesspeople archetypes that should be combined to form a winning team:

  1. Leader
  2. Creative
  3. Salesperson
  4. Macro-oriented
  5. Maker
  6. Analytical
  7. Organized
  8. Detail-oriented
The Businesspeople Archetypes
The Businesspeople Archetypes v.1.0

The Leader

The Leader archetype embodies a visionary and strategic thinker, adept at steering a company towards its goals. They possess excellent communication skills, inspire and motivate their teams, and have a knack for decision-making. Leaders excel at setting a clear direction, managing crises, and adapting to changing business landscapes, making them indispensable in guiding organizations through challenges and toward success.

The Creative

As expected, the Creative archetype is an innovative thinker who thrives on generating fresh ideas and solutions. They possess a unique ability to see opportunities where others may not and are skilled at turning abstract concepts into tangible products or strategies. Creative individuals are often artists, designers, or entrepreneurs who infuse their work with a distinctive touch, making them valuable contributors to industries that rely on imagination and originality.

The Salesperson

This archetype is a charismatic and persuasive individual who excels at building relationships and driving revenue. They are skilled in identifying customer needs, communicating the value of products or services, and closing deals. Salespeople are goal-oriented and thrive in competitive environments, making them pivotal in driving business growth and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

The Macro-oriented

Sometimes underestimated, the Macro-oriented archetype is a big-picture thinker who excels at understanding and navigating complex systems, trends, and market dynamics. They possess a deep understanding of industry trends, geopolitical factors, and economic indicators, allowing them to make informed, high-level decisions. Macro-oriented individuals often hold executive positions, shaping the overall direction of organizations and industries.

The Maker

A hands-on, skilled craftsman or artisan is The Maker archetype. Someone who takes pride in creating high-quality products or services, but also who makes things happen. The Maker archetype embodies a hands-on, action-oriented approach to business. They are known for their “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude and relentless determination to get things done. Whether it’s implementing ideas, executing projects, or handling day-to-day operations, they are the driving force behind turning plans into reality, often taking on tasks that others may find daunting.

The Analytical

The Analytical archetype is a data-driven and logical thinker who excels at interpreting and leveraging information to make informed decisions. They are driven by a deep-seated commitment to data-driven decision-making and possess an insatiable curiosity and meticulous attention to detail, allowing them to dissect complex problems and arrive at precise, evidence-based solutions. Their analytical mindset extends beyond numbers, encompassing a thorough understanding of contexts and environments, enabling them to make informed choices in even the most intricate scenarios.

The Organized

The Organized archetype is a systematic and detail-oriented individual who excels at creating and maintaining efficient processes. They are skilled at managing workflows, resources, and schedules to ensure smooth operations. Organized individuals bring structure and discipline to organizations, playing a critical role in optimizing efficiency and productivity.

The Detail-oriented

The Detail-oriented archetype is a meticulous and precise individual who excels at scrutinizing and perfecting every aspect of a task or project. They have a keen eye for accuracy and a strong commitment to quality, ensuring that nothing escapes their careful scrutiny. Detail-oriented individuals are indispensable in jobs where precision is paramount, such as accounting, quality control, or project management.

Team composition and The Businesspeople Archetypes tool

In a dynamic business environment, the diversity of skills and strengths within a team is paramount to success.

For instance, Leaders provide the guiding light, setting the vision and direction for the team. They inspire confidence, offer clarity amidst uncertainty, and foster a sense of purpose. Imagine a ship sailing through uncharted waters; it’s the captain’s leadership that steers the vessel toward its destination, navigating through storms and ensuring everyone on board remains focused and motivated.

Creatives infuse a breath of fresh air into the team’s endeavors. They’re the artists, conjuring innovative solutions and imaginative strategies that elevate products or services. Picture a marketing team brainstorming session; a creative’s ability to envision unconventional campaigns or captivating visuals can be the spark that distinguishes the brand in a crowded market.

Salespeople are the bridge between the business and its customers. They possess the charm and persuasive skills that forge strong connections, turning potential clients into loyal advocates. Think of a high-stakes negotiation; a skilled salesperson can turn a hesitant prospect into a long-term partner, sealing deals that drive revenue and growth.

Macro-oriented thinkers provide a crucial perspective of the bigger picture. They’re the architects of strategy, understanding the industry landscape and foreseeing market trends. Consider a CEO plotting the course for a multinational corporation; their macro-oriented approach ensures the company remains agile and adaptable, thriving in a constantly evolving business environment.

Makers are the engine behind the execution. They’re the ones who turn plans and concepts into tangible outcomes. Picture a product development team: makers are the ones who tirelessly refine prototypes, overcome challenges, and refine designs until the final product meets and exceeds expectations.

Analytical minds bring invaluable precision to decision-making. They’re the detectives, sifting through data and contexts to arrive at the most informed conclusions. Think of a financial analyst scrutinizing market trends; their analytical approach ensures that investments are made with calculated precision, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Organized team members are the architects of efficiency. They design workflows and systems that streamline operations, ensuring tasks are completed smoothly and without unnecessary delays. Envision a project manager orchestrating a complex operation; their organizational skills ensure that every component aligns seamlessly, achieving project goals on time and within budget.

Detail-oriented individuals are the guardians of quality. They’re the ones who meticulously review and refine deliverables, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Imagine a quality control inspector scrutinizing a product; their attention to detail guarantees that only the best reaches the customer, upholding the company’s reputation for excellence.

Each archetype brings a unique set of qualities that contribute to the collective excellence of the team. Also, they are not rigid, standalone roles, nor are they confined to specific positions within an organization. In fact, individuals often embody a blend of characteristics from multiple archetypes and may seamlessly transition between different roles as circumstances demand.

For instance, a leader might also exhibit creative thinking or a detail-oriented team member may step into a macro-oriented role when strategic vision is required. This fluidity and adaptability allow business professionals to respond effectively to the multifaceted challenges of the modern workplace. It underscores the versatility and resilience that individuals bring to their teams, showcasing how they can draw upon a diverse set of skills and perspectives to drive success. This dynamic interplay of the businesspeople archetypes is a testament to the complexity and richness of human potential in a business context.

An example of The Businesspeople Archetype interaction

Consider a scenario where a tech startup is developing a cutting-edge software application. The Leader steps in, setting a clear vision for the product’s functionality and user experience. They inspire the team with a vision of revolutionizing the industry, emphasizing the need for seamless integration and user-friendly design. The Creative, drawing on their imaginative prowess, envisions a sleek, minimalist interface that will captivate users. They suggest innovative features that push the boundaries of what’s conventionally expected, ensuring the application stands out in a crowded market.

The Maker, driven by a “make-it-happen” attitude, dives headfirst into the development process. They work closely with the Creative, turning mock-ups into functional prototypes. Their hands-on approach ensures that every line of code aligns with the vision, and they tackle hurdles with unwavering determination. Meanwhile, the Analytical mind is at work, conducting meticulous testing to identify and rectify any potential bugs or inefficiencies. Their keen eye for detail and data-driven approach ensure that the application meets the highest standards of quality.

The Organized member of the team steps in to establish an efficient workflow. They create a project timeline, breaking down tasks into manageable milestones, and allocating resources judiciously. Their systematic approach ensures that each phase of development proceeds seamlessly, from design and coding to testing and deployment. In parallel, the Detail-oriented team member conducts thorough quality checks, scrutinizing every element of the application to guarantee it meets the exacting standards set by the team.

Through this dynamic interaction of archetypes, the team transforms a visionary concept into a tangible, market-ready product, ready to disrupt the industry and leave a lasting mark on the world of technology.

As the project nears completion, the Salesperson steps into the picture, armed with a deep understanding of the market and a persuasive pitch. They envision the value proposition of the software, identifying key features that resonate with potential users. Their eloquent communication skills and knack for building relationships with early adopters pave the way for a successful launch. Through this dynamic interaction of archetypes, the team transforms a visionary concept into a tangible, market-ready product, ready to disrupt the industry and leave a lasting mark on the world of technology.

In the intricate dance of a business setup, each archetype plays a vital role. Their combined efforts create a symphony of productivity, innovation, and effectiveness, propelling the team toward its goals and ensuring the business thrives in a competitive landscape. Together, they form a dynamic ensemble that is greater than the sum of its parts, poised for success in any endeavor they undertake.

To download The Businesspeople Archetype tool

You can download The Businesspeople Archetypes for free here (colorful and English version). Just mind the Creative Commons license granted.

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